We look forward to bringing our dreams to life and creating the most epic entertainment experiences. We are looking for like-minded friends:
• Passionate about the game, curiosity about the global market for mobile games;
• Ideal to produce or even lead the world-class quality products;
• Have a strong logic or unique aesthetic ability, work efficient, willing to work together with smart persons.
        If that sounds like you, join us!


location:Shanghai Roles:UI Recruiting Numbers:1
Release Time:Apr. 15, 2017 Resume Mailbox:hrf@ifreyr.com


Main job description:
   1. According to the requirements of planning to complete the mobile phone game ui, icon, logo and other elements of the design and production;
   2. According to the established game style to meet the ease of use requirements of the game interface design and development and output.


Qualifications and Skills:
   1. Fine arts related professional college education and above, have a good sense of color and visual communication design ability;
   2. 4 years of experience in the game UI work, proficient PHOTOSHOP, skilled use of ILLUSTRATOR, FLASH;
   3. Able to design UI interface, ICON, LOGO and other art resources  independently, with a certain hand-painted ability;
   4. Love the game industry, work seriously positive, willing to communicate, a team spirit of collaboration;